MAjENTA MOON- The Soul Alchemist

Hi, I’m Jen.

I’m a Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Performing Ceremonial Artist, Ritual Facilitator and Director of Experiences for The Conscious Experience, a transformational event training company.

My mission is to raise the collective consciousness through transformational experiences. Offering self empowerment for you to connect to your deeper truth, access your innate power, awaken your inner healer and discover your Soul Alchemy.

I believe we are all here to live our biggest life possible. To expand, grow, love, feel and be. We are here to bring our gifts to the world, for them to be received and to feel supported and in alignment as we do so.

Through my tapestry of offerings I strive to offer tools, techniques and practises that can be used to heal Self (mind, body and Spirit) so my Shamanic clients, Conscious Events clients, Ceremony audiences and ritual participants take away something special that can create transformation in their world.

Training includes:

  • Graduate of the School of Shamanic Womancraft (Teacher lineage Jane Hardwick Collings and Jeannine Parvati Baker).

  • Reiki Degree’s 1 & 2 with Robyn Collins (In Perfect Unison)

  • Mentorship with Susan Santoro (Spiritual Teacher, Soul Coach, Best-selling Author & Motivational Speaker)

  • Psychic & Mediumship development training with renowned psychic Susanna Steel

  • Certified Red Tent Facilitator Training with Tanishka

  • Over 25 years in the performing arts industry

  • Over 17 years in the Event Management industry

The ego says me, the Soul says we. The paradigm I choose to do business in, live in and love from is where I work alongside conscious creators and visionary leaders, with those ready to offer sustainable, wholistic, frequency raising and transformational opportunities to the world.

My Soul Alchemy harnesses the modalities of Ceremony, Ritual, Shamanic practices and Conscious Experience Training, Creation and Management. Through online courses, live ceremonial events, intensive workshops and support for your businesses conscious events, I aim to deliver on many levels and hold potent and pivotal space for you and your businesses growth, healing and awakening.

Ceremonialist Professional Bio

MAjENTA Moon is a Soul Alchemist, Ceremonialist and Shamanic Practitioner.

With over 25 years in leadership devoted to the esoteric, Majenta Moon is best recognised for her energy healing craft and spiritual medicine.

By fusing ritual, intuition and quantum energy work, Majenta Moon allows the subconscious to be accessed, emotional wounds to be healed, old patterns to be released and timelines to be restructured.

MAjENTA Moon travels the world sharing the activations of transformational Ceremonial Performances and potency of Events.   

As her message and medicine awakens the deepest truth, she is a leader in helping others to awaken to their soul remembering’s. Her legacy and love is to empower others to activate their inner healer, connect to their innate power and harness their own soul alchemy to serve the collective consciousness.

Seen at some of Australia’s largest outdoor festivals, such as Earth Frequency, Earthcore, Matreya and Regrowth, her performances channel energy into audiences and open the space for transformation. In 2019 her new creative body of work travels internationally, opening the energetic portal for events and spreading her Shamanic healing across the globe.