Ceremony, Ritual and Shamanic Journey

Performing Ceremonialist Artist

As a performing Ceremonialist Artist my passion is to share the potency of Shamanic Ceremony, Ritual and Journey with audiences to create the energetic space that will best serve the delivery of your event.

Opening the energetic portal with conscious intention, ritual and a Shamanic journey is a surefire way to bring your event guests into a unified frequency, connect them to the earth, each other, and most importantly, to themselves.

Shamanic Journey

In this powerful Shamanic Ceremony Journey I call on my unique spiritual medicine and take the audience through a spoken ritual that taps into the quantum field. This Ceremonial performance is designed to work as an opening ceremony to assist in creating the energetic container.

Ground, Connect, Expand

With the power of voice this journey takes on the appearance of an interactive guided meditation. It includes grounding our physical and energetic selves; connecting to Mother Earth and up into the heart of the Universe; calling oneself fully present; expanding the heart space; creating a unified and merged energetic field with the collective; setting an intention for the festival experience and sharing it with someone they have never met before beside them to create a sense of connection.

Tap into the Quantum Field

For us to tap into the quantum field we connect with our future selves, the one who has experienced the duration of the event and is about to leave the site. By connecting to the feeling state of that future self and what they most truly want to experience over the next few days, we transcend timelines and bring it into manifestation.

Spiritual Medicine

This process is used for my private client sessions as well as in the many events and rituals I facilitate.

For over 25 years I have been involved in the performing arts, fusing this passion with this spiritual medicine creates such potent and sacred space. It is harmony for all the senses and the energy field.

Soul Wisdom

This Shamanic Ceremony Journey is designed for people to access their own Soul’s wisdom, gain insights, create their reality with conscious intention and bring them home to their heart.

Your Event’s Sacred Energy

Add energy to your event, create the sacred container and give your audience an experience like no other.

Contact me for more details and a creatively tailored proposal.

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