Event Creation, Training & Direction

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I’m not here to tell you why events will work for your business or convince you of the transformational impact they can have. As a consciousness leader, you already know that. You know how to follow the energy, you’ve heard the call and you know from that place of intuition that this experience will be like none you have experienced before.

The Conscious Experience was born in the new paradigm. A paradigm where conscious people run conscious businesses and the driving force behind these businesses is to make our world a better place in a sustainable, wholistic and conscious way.

As a practising Shaman and energy worker, I could clearly see (and feel!) the gap between the current way the event industry operates and the way I need to work for my own mental, emotional, physical and energetic wellbeing.

It’s time to bridge the gap between the way we work in the world and the conscious way we live. We invest time, energy and resources into our personal growth, we know meditation, movement, diet and balance are integral to our wholistic wellbeing. Living consciously, aware of energy and open to spirit allows us to create a life by design. Let’s bring this awareness into our business and show humanity how it’s done, let’s lead by example.

With over 17 years in the event industry, and experience working on hundreds of events locally, nationally and internationally there is a Soul calling to bring a shamanic, sustainable, wholistic approach to create conscious events that truly offer people a transformational experience.

The Conscious Experience defines a conscious event as having 3 main areas:

1.     Environmental and Community impact – We choose to work with businesses that are passionate about the planet and agree for their events to invest in: being plastic free; having minimal waste; using renewable resources and local produce; contributing to the local economy and having a minimal carbon footprint.

2.     Stakeholder wellbeing – We value the mental, emotional, physical and energetic wellbeing of all staff, suppliers, guests and personnel. This is managed through planning, open communication and adopting a wholistic approach to creating events that incorporate care into these elements.

3.     Event Intention – We choose to work with clients whose events aim to offer growth, education and transformational experiences for the participants lives and businesses.

Free video trainings and templates, online guided courses and creative event specialist service specific website coming soon.