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Dark Moon Meditation

Use the energy of the Dark Moon to release that which no longer serves you and make space for that which your heart and Soul are calling for.

Cycle Tracker  for Women

The BEST way to deepen your relationship with yourself is by tracking your blood cycle. This free PDF allows you to watch the rhythm of your bodies physical, emotional & mental states, alongside the moon phase & your own cycle. We are cyclic beings, & we’re not meant to be the same everyday (no matter what society says). Getting in touch with how you cycle can help you structure your life around it. Use your peak energy periods (around ovulation) to schedule in activity, & honour when your body needs rest & hibernation around your blood phase.

Cycle Tracking sample

Download your free Cycle Tracker PDF here

Below is a sample of the one I have started this month. Print out a few copies & commence on Day 1 of your blood, fill in the dates & moon phases. Use the + o - symbols to track how you are experiencing things, I find filling this in at the end of the day before you go to bed or first thing in the morning for the day before makes it easy. Use the symbols for bleeding, discharge & ovulation to note when it occurs on top of the cycle days line.

There are loads of moon phase apps available or use your 2019 Cycles & Ceremonies Moon Calendar to fill in the moon phase for the chart. If your cycle is longer than 28 days, just use another print out of the PDF & keep going. I like to note when the New Moon & Full Moon fall so I can make sure I set intentions on those days.

Your Moon - the moon phase on the day you were born is a time in your cycle where your body has the potential to have a second ovulation. This is a great thing to track to see if your energy level shifts around that time & also for conception & contraception purposes.

Craft Your Life With Conscious Intention.
Happy Cycling!

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