Sacred Wound Discovery & Healing - Shamanic Mentor Session



The Shamanic Mentor sessions combines the practical approach of delving into life areas through discussion along with Shamanic journeying. The approach to this will be through exploration of life experiences and behaviour pattern shifting.

What you can expect:

  • Consultation time to tailor session to your desired outcome/setting of intentions

  • Conversation and interactive learning

  • Discovery of the sacred wound (usually an emotional hurt experienced in childhood)

  • Exploration of the sacred wounds impact on how you interact and relate to the world.

  • Unearthing of unconscious core beliefs, behaviour patterns and emotional blocks.

  • Energetic clearing and healing in relation to the sacred wound

  • Guidance on practises, tools and techniques that can be implemented in your life to assist in further healing of the sacred wound and how to use its teachings

Duration: 60min
Your Investment: $111
Sessions are conducted in person at Earthie Yoga & Meditation Studio, in Mayfield, NSW Australia or via Zoom online.
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What clients say…

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