This session uses sound and energy work to access different states of consciousness, with the journey tailored for your desired healing intention. This is a powerful practise to travel deeply and receive guidance, wisdom and answers.

Session can include:

  • Consultation time to tailor session to your desired outcome/setting of intentions

  • A blend of conversation and total surrender to the healing experience.

  • Shamanic Journeying to access the other realms (the medicine drum is used to harmonises the right & left hemispheres of the brain, bringing it into an alpha brainwave state, allowing access to different states of consciousness)

  • Intuitive use of rattle, bells, clap sticks, toning and light language to charge healing capacities.

  • Energetic clearing and healing

  • Customised healing techniques chosen based on your desires and intentions.

Duration: 90min
Your Investment: $144
Sessions are conducted in person at Earthie Yoga & Meditation Studio, in Mayfield, NSW Australia or via Zoom online.
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