Soul Alchemy - 1:1 Sessions

a 1:1 Session is Ideal if you’re:

  • Experiencing a time of transition; relocating, major life change or ‘starting again’, divorce, relationship dynamics, spiritual awakenings, grieving and loss, letting go of aspects of you or ways of being, parenthood.

  • Feeling blocked, stuck, lost and detached from who you really are. You may feel anxious, stressed, numb, disconnected, alone (no matter how many people are around you) and like the way forward feels murky and unclear.

  • Anyone feeling a sense of disconnection; from Self, from Spirit, from their feminine or masculine aspects, from community, from family, from their body.

  • Highly sensitive, an empath, a Starseed or have experienced a spiritual awakening that you are trying to understand. As our gifts reveal themselves during life we can harness them through deepening into our sense of self, tapping into our innate power and understanding how to work with energy. When we establish clear boundaries for ourselves we won’t feel highly influenced or overwhelmed by the energy of others.

  • Desiring a deeper understanding and connection to your body wisdom, menstrual cycles, rites of passage (birth, death, menarche, menopause), sexuality, feeling your feelings, activation of your womb (creative life force) energy.

  • Wanting to shift your energy, open up your manifesting abilities, create connection and alignment with your body, mind and Spirit and tap back into the you that you may have feel like you lost somewhere along the way.

  • Anyone who has experienced shame or guilt around the menstrual cycle or being a female. I help women to connect, celebrate and honour their body rhythms and find strength through their femininity.  

  • Someone who identifies with the ‘good girl/boy’ persona and is prone to perfectionism. High achievers or those who crave to maintain control can be very hard on themselves and struggle with issues of self-worth and not feeling ‘good enough’

  • Someone who always felt different, rebelled from the way society said you should live your life, yet always craved to feel like you fit in, with a deep desire to understand your reason for being here.

  • An over-thinker, over-analyser, carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and experiencing a life of do-ing instead of be-ing. You want to quieten the monkey-mind and find a way to shift the stress or anxiety in your world and are ready to explore your creative and intuitive side.

  • Ready to establish a deeper relationship with Spirit (insert own title here – Universe, God, Goddess, Source), knowing this is a vital part in the role you came here to play in this life.

If you identify with any of the above descriptions you will find a 1:1 session with me highly beneficial.


What you may experience from a 1:1 Soul Alchemy Session

  • A shift in your energetic frequency. Healing and shifts start happening from the moment your session is booked, during the session and afterwards. Energetic work is not bound by space and time.

  • Feeling more connected to your sense of Self (mind, body, Spirit) with increased love, acceptance and compassion for the physical body and the vital and sacred role it plays.

  • Life feels more expansive, richer, with a deeper sense of fulfilment.

  • More flow and ease with aligning with desires rather than pushing or forcing things into creation.

  • Deeper capacity to own emotions, witness them and grow through their teachings.

  • Greater ability to claim and own your truth and find authentic expression.

  • A sense of balance in life, increasing satisfaction and feelings of creative fulfilment.

  • A broader trust in Self, others and the Universe, feeling clearer about who you are and having faith that you will be supported.

  • A shift away from a fear mindset, stress tendencies, anxious periods and worry.

  • Spiritual awakenings and activations.

  • Realisations and rememberings of who you are, why you came here and how to tap into your Soul’s gifts.

To book in a session, find out more or ask any questions contact me here.

What clients say…

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